Monday Morning Blues

No blues today – only greens, reds, and yellows! The Songstress – college roommate, wonderful friend – was in town and stayed with us last night. She brings color and laughter and deep thoughts wherever she goes. So, really all ten of my thankfulness moments are for her.

But not wanting to embarrass her or bore you, here are a few more:

1) The beauty of this country. Sometimes it takes my breath away.

2) Hair growing!3) Weekend heatwave! Record highs of 82…I’m loving it. The sun is more iffy today but right now it is shining onto the floor and I am sitting in it.

4) The light having fun on our table. Spotlight on potatoes!5) Broken aisle JACKPOT at Tesco’s. Look at all this cheap cereal waiting to be eaten! New cereal (to me): Ricicles. Do not pronounce Recycles. It’s Rice-icles. 6) Beer bread in my near future.

7) Perry in my near future.

8) Grandparents in my near future.

9) Chocolate coffee lava cakes-in-mugs in my recent past

10) The DHL guys having a barbecue at 5.30pm on Friday when I went to collect a package. They know how to have a good time. I didn’t need help getting to 10 this week! I wonder, does it count though? Seeing as I didn’t go to work on this particular Monday…hmm. Oh well! Ten is ten!

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Riciicles is the only cereal in that lineup that existed many, many years ago. Love to taste them again! TJs is now selling Weetabix!

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