La bonne cuisine

Did I remember my French 101 correctly? Le cuisine…la cuisine. It does seem like food as sensual as the French eat it should take the feminine form, don’t you think?

The Philosopher and I celebrated three years yesterday in fully francophilian style, despite the fact that neither of us could ever be called a Francophile. We’re just not posh enough. And our French is unspeakably bad (literally, if you catch my drift).

I wore high heels, he rented Midnight in Paris for us to watch, and we ate lunch at a truly fancy restaurant called Brasserie Blanc. Interestingly, Chef Blanc himself refers to his very expensive brasseries as more of a Can-Can than a waltz. We shudder to think how much his waltzes cost! Price aside, the food was too exquisite to photograph. It had to be eaten with every sense alive to its flavor. Pea and mint soup, salmon in wine/cream sauce, mousse and caramelized bananas…I waddled back to work.

Thank you for three years of marriage, Philosopher of mine! You are the best part of being alive.


2 thoughts on “La bonne cuisine

  1. Ah, that Philosopher–what a romantic guy he is. Why he’s a regular Ludwig Wittgenstein when it come to romance–French or no French!

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