Monday Morning Blues

This morning, I rolled out of bed reluctantly, the dark shadows back underneath my eyes. Note to self: when recovering from insomnia, do not watch 3 episodes of One Born Every Minute before bed. Reverberating echoes of women in labor does not make for soothing night music.

But the day was warm and there were plenty of things to be thankful for…

1) The people who walk on the pavement above our underground office window, especially the little children. Great quote number one: “Dad! There’s a man down there!!!” Shrieking ensues.

2)  See point #1. Great quote number two: “Dad! There’s a man IN PRISON down there!!!” Laughing ensues.  The bars on our window explain the prison bit. I can only wonder at the laughter.

3) The Violinist and the Chocoholic hitting the road! I’m happy for them, and jealous of them, for the freedom in travelling America’s highways. Guess where?

4) The end of the GF fast. Happiness, pride, and lots of gluten rolled up into one big celebration. More to come tomorrow.

5) My new kitchen treat, thanks to free Tesco money — a griddle! It may seem humble, and maybe it is. Yet grilled avocado is anything but…6) Hot weather! Yesterday, we both sweated. Sweat? Past tense? Sweating = a big deal, in England, for us.

7) Freshly baked whole wheat cookies cooling on my counter – missing the Bakestress.

8) A wonderful visit with an old friend to look forward to this weekend…and, perhaps, a cream tea?!

Can you bring me your #9 and #10?

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. #9 having some sunshine enter on my computer screen from across the pond!

    #10 seeing the Violinist and the Chocoholic have made it to Niagara. Keep going and enjoying the sights this great country has to offer!

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