Tall, dark and bearded

We had a lovely summer luncheon with even lovelier visitors today.

My Grandma and Granddad came down for an afternoon wedding and popped into ours for some sustenance before the big event. We were VERY happy to oblige! They always come full of stories and full of life. Who says that only children light up a room?!

Granddad told a particularly amusing story about how he ‘got’ his beard. Due to church policy, as the minister of his Baptist church he was one of two people who could perform marriages in the building. So when someone wanted to get married in August in the middle of his summer vacation, so be it! Home from holiday he would go.

But you see, here was the thing. In his own time, with his own family on his own family, a man likes to take it easy – relax – grow a beard even. On one such August marriage occasion, he was in the church before the wedding having rushed back from holiday. Yet to have donned his robes/ensemble and beard untrimmed,he was making last minute preparations for the ceremony. Suddenly, there was a hub-bub in the sanctuary and he rushed out to find that the nervy groom had fainted! (Similar to the time that the father-of-the-bride fainted, but whose cardiologist was in attendance and saved the day…) Everyone looked to the reverend for guidance as they tried to revive the poor man. One of his church members noticed his bearded state and exclaimed: “Why, Ray! You look quite dashing in a beard!”

And he’s been bearded ever since.

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