5 thoughts on “The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

  1. Wow, wow – I must say the difference is AMAZING, especially on the part of the Philosopher. He looks suave, relaxed, confident. You 2 have some chemistry – you should get together:)
    Next time, some music please xx

  2. We tried to dance to music, but we were TERRIBLE (well, at least I was). After cycling through like 5 songs, we gave up. We’ll work on it for next week (at some point I might decide my embarrassment levels have reached unbearable heights, and put an end to this whole dancing video business).

    1. Andrew! I had a long and involved dream about you and Rachel last night. You had moved to Turkey and Germany — don’t asked me how but you lived in both places. And you had a baby called Lochland. It’s true!

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