It’s all about Team GB

How long does it take for a holiday to wear off?

It depends, I know, I know. Sometimes the glow diminishes before the vacation is even over. Others trips are once in a lifetime, and leave you basking in wonder – full-up with memory dreams – for weeks on end. Still others, mere weekends-away even, can live with you for a day or two before the grimy ungratefulness of real life returns.

All that to say: I think I’m still in happyland, two days on.

Though that may just be the chai talking.*

We watched the epic gold medal tennis match on Sunday outside Winchester cathedral, on the grass with lots of excited Brits (and a handful of confused Spanish teens routing for Rafa).

Jane Austen buried here! Sometimes I marvel at how much culture comes out of GB, despite America’s recent (and not as refined) cultural hegemony. It was a surreal experience…’live’ Olympic games in such a setting! The patriotism round these parts these past couple of weeks has been seriously intense. It’s nice to my usually apathetic – or worse, cynical – British peers come to life for love of, well, themselves I suppose. Their good name.

And Murray did them proud.


*For a few years, I was far too in love with chai tea lattes. Winds blow and tastes change, and now I can hardly touch them for the sweetness. But! Guess what? You can buy chai-spiced black tea, sweetened only by the dried cinnamon and ginger in the bag, and be in love with chai again.


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