Monday Morning Blues

Ah, so much to be thankful for this morning! After a truly refreshing weekend, and a night full of bizarrely pleasant dreams (drama camp? awesome!), I was thankful for:

1) A dry bike seat in the morning, against all odds. Everything else was dripping wet!

2) Also directly commute-related: not ripping my pencil skirt while pedaling. Lack of forethought there led to a nearly scandalously high hiking up of said skirt and lots of knocking knees! Note to self…

3) New products coming out nearly every week at Sainsbury’s mirroring things I love from the U.S. Today I saw pita chips, bagged fancy popcorn and this below. Can you guess what U.S. cereal it’s named for?? So funny. 4) Belatedly finding these pictures in my inbox from last month’s Cape Cod trip! Here are three brothers in front of a newly discovered lake, the path to which nearly took the wheels off an aging Ford Windstar. But what big brother wants, big brother gets! (Come to think of it, the same applies to big sisters…)5) And one of the two of us in front of the beach where the Philosopher got up his courage and got down on his knee. Also I feel short just looking at this picture. 6) A new and successful gluten-free recipe! Even the Philosopher, who stands upon principle and opposes all diets, admitted that this cake was as good as if not better than a glutenous one.

7) The Olympics and Olympic fever! More to come on that tomorrow…

8) These funny all-in-one hand washing stations in lots of public toilets in Britain. It’s easy! (Though the kind of easy that confuses lots of over-70s, mums with babies, and the occasional modern working girl, from my personal experience.) Just put your hands in and VIOLA! First comes soap, then comes water, then comes a blower and all button/pedal/handle free!  …can you bring me to 9 and 10?


4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. 9. Andy Murray finally beat someone great in a major event (sorry Peter).
    10. The Brits are 3rd on the medal table – it’s a miracle. Although I did discover that GB is the only country to have won a medal in every Summer Olympics, (thanks to the Boston Globe crossword)
    By the way, I was surprised by your reference to the “viola” 🙂 – definitely a 2nd tier instrument (sorry Lisa)

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