Monday Morning Blues

This morning I cycled to work slower than usual. There was so much to look at.

Have you ever had the experience of taking a journey you’ve travelled hundreds, even thousands of times, and it’s as if you see every detail with new eyes?

Why does that happen?

Or maybe, why doesn’t it happen more often.

I like new eyes. They open doors that never seemed to be there before.

Thankful for:

1. This guy. The new eyes showed him to me. His face…too much. 2. A house that I fell in love with going back on the market. It was for sale, which was great because it meant I could ‘go inside’ on the realtors site for a virtual tour. Then the sign went down a couple of months ago. But I guess the sale fell through because it’s back! I know it’s silly, but I prefer the thought of it uninhabited, waiting for the right owners. Waiting for me.

3. The semblance of a summer haze. Truth be told it was in the 50s but looks hot, right?! Sometimes those deceiving looks are preferable to reality. 4. The opportunity to observe Brits in the height of patriotic craze. They’re fun that way.

5. Lots of fresh veg in our Veg Box. Organic potatoes are the best! (Also the best: Chicken Milanesa – breaded thighs topped with prosciutto, mozz and a fried egg) 6. Spending time with The Philosopher watching movies/opening ceremonies and critiquing them in elevated tone and volume. Maybe if I talk A LITTLE LOUDER HE’LL CONCEDE MY POINT!

7. This guy and this gal in this picture. We’ll miss you Bean!8. Bank holiday next Monday! And a fun trip planned to celebrate it…

Take me to 9 and 10?

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. Not needing to wear jeans since May, well, June then.
    Having a vacation to look forward to – can’t wait!

  2. A gorgeous day on Revere Beach, complete with Kelly’s shrimp & chicken! Trying to enjoy every moment together as a family before the eldest leaves the nest in a month…

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