Oxford Dreaming Pt 3

So, we left off on our dreamy Oxford tour staring up, open-mouthed, at the grand entrance to the Ashmolean Museum. At this point, you could take a detour up the road to Walton Street and head into the charmingly named Jericho area for Branca’s great Italian lunch menu, but let’s assume you’ve had your fill of starch-based foods already today. So strap on your walking shoes and head back down The High until you reach Magdalen College. Whip out your wallet to pay – it’s worth all your spare change.

C.S. Lewis taught at Magdalen College for 20-some years, and often strolled the magnificent grounds before picking up the pen.

It’s perhaps most stunning in the spring and summer months, but the buildings are grand enough, even without decorative flora.

And we have fauna on display too! Magdalen boasts (and proudly) its native deer.

After an hour or so lounging in the grass and taking pictures of yourself promenading the grounds a la C.S., the appetite for something more…shall we say, hip, may have developed. Stay tuned! Something marvelous is just around the bend.

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