[The Violinist, in a fit of inspiration during her morning jog, pinged this little gem of a post into my inbox. It is my pleasure to share it with all of you]

The empire strikes back!!

Now, perhaps I at least have the attention of all you movie buffs. But what I really want to talk about is cycling – please stifle those yawns. You see, yesterday, history was made when 2 Brits captured 1st and 2nd place in the “Tour de France”. For the uninitiated, this is the event where almost 200 of the fittest men in the world cycle around France for 3 weeks, sounds like fun huh?

The Chocoholic and I were glued to the TV (thank goodness for DVR), for the last 3 weeks rooting for “Wiggo” aka Bradley Wiggins, to become the 1st British man in the 99 year history of the “Tour” to pull on the yellow jersey in Paris.

I am happy to report that even the Boston Globe found space on its front page to report this event, though clearly the demise of the Red Sox is bigger news._

The modernworkinggirl and the Philosopher even caught a couple of ‘legs’ of the race with us on their recent visit. Modernworkinggirl drooling over flaky, buttery croissants, full of gluten in France, and the Philosopher inspired to run an extra mile or two the next day.

Now there are other attractions to watching the “Tour”. The scenery is breathtaking of course, the fans are crazy, but best of all are the commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen.

I am happy to report that these two Brits are hands down the best sports commentary partnership in the business. I challenge you to come up with 2 better. Make a date next year to watch the “Tour” next year if only to be entertained by Phil and Paul.

Andy Murray, admittedly a “Scot”, made it to the Wimbledon final this year, only to be overcome by the Swiss finesse and timing of the Rolex watch “Fed”. The 76 year drought for a British champion at Wimbledon continues. But perhaps Brits have found their niche now in cycling. Forgive me that I didn’t even mention the “Manx Missile”, Mark Cavendish – tune in to the Olympics next Saturday to see the fastest cyclist in the world race for Britain.

It’s good to see Brits in the limelight in the sporting world. Let’s hope they outdo themselves in the weeks ahead as charming hosts of the rest of the world!


  1. What country is that? “Brits”???? Is that anywhere near Canada? I dunno–all these foreigners look the same to me.

  2. Could not resist making a comment. Perhaps it would have been greedy for the Brits to take the Tour and Wimbledon in the same year. I have enjoyed Phil and Paul covering the Tour for many years and have, so far, refused to part with my video tapes of Tour coverage from mid to late 1980’s. Back then, CBS covered the race and they were likely unsure as how to present a sporting event with no field or court. It was partly a show and partly sports reporting. Phil and Paul made it work wonderfully well. During breaks in the action, they put up collages of photos. I remember a group of nuns, in habits, leaping with hands outstretched in celebration. The shot captured the infectious excitement of the event. I followed Andy Murray through Wimbledon, even watching the final, on replay. Thought that I might lose interest, since I already knew the outcome – not so. They are both good men and the tennis was astounding. Andy forced Roger to play at his absolute peak and Roger rose to the occasion. Glad to know that you share interest in these things.

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