Monday Morning Blues

Sunny with a high of 75…no complaining this week!

Thankful for:

1. Being back on the bike again – this one’s not mine, but I admired the tenacity of its owner.2. Delicious sunshine, warm temperatures…ah, Oxford is so gorgeous in the sunshine.

3. Despite the flop of Friday’s chocolate cake (texture: sawdust), it was still nice to have some chocolate frosting in the house. Thankful I still have one piece left.

4. Lots of novels to read! Ever since Shadow of the Wind, I’ve been excited about reading again. I think for years I felt guilty taking the time out to read instead of doing something productive. I loved McEwan’s Atonement, hopefully Solar will be just as good, if a different animal.

5. A few fun evening dates lined up this week…blogposts to come!

6. This funny sign which recently went up above the Duke of Cambridge pub in Little Clarendon Street. Recognize him?

7. Discovering Boar’s Hill, a new place to take visitors with a stunning view of the Dreaming Spires. Who’s coming to visit us next?!

8. This funny sign. The PC excuses they come up with nowadays…Smoking doesn’t kill you, it kills your Starbucks coffee.

9. This guy. Nearly 3 years!

10. I always love to hear from you…can you give me a tenth?


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. I went to the library today during my lunch break to get shadow of the wind! They ordered it for me. Thanks for the recommendation.
    Also, I’m officially going to London from the 16th to the 21st. you free at all? 🙂

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