The Burger Wars

The Philosopher and I, though no great burger lovers, were nonetheless thrilled to discover an exciting new development on George Street.

The beginning of the Burger Wars.

The existing George St joint, Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) is a well-known national chain that specializes in all kinds of country-themed burger experiments. Founded by a couple of kiwis, a favorite is the (surprise) Kiwi Burger – a beef patty topped with beets, pineapple, lettuce, tomato and a griddled egg. We like it well enough, especially since the advent of their newest offering, the rosemary and sea salt spaghetti-thin fries.

But there’s a new bad boy in town, and he’s decided to open up shot two doors down from GBK.

Meet: Byron.

Byron Burgers is also a chain, but with only a handful of locations. Is it Byron after the poet? A play on Bison Burgers? or even, burgers By Ron?

We splurged and ordered two of our favourite English bevs:

Yum. The best part of the meal.

The Philosopher got a bacon and cheddar, with avocado, and spared no expense with the ketchup application, if you catch my drift.

The waitstaff were almost over-helpful, but the Philosopher was slightly turned off by the fact that every one of them had tattoos. I counselled him to try not to be too prudish in public, before we both received a tattoo of our own at the end of the evening. 

Wear this tattoo and get a free burger!! Fun idea. (The Philosopher disagrees, but then again philosophers usually do.)

4 thoughts on “The Burger Wars

  1. The Philosopher takes exception with the above claim that he is not a “great” burger lover. He’s hardly ever met a greater one!! His wife, however, regularly holds him back from allowing said love to be fully consummated.

    1. oh the joys of Ephesians 5:25!

      Have you two tried Shake Shack yet? There’s one opening up in New Haven in the fall, and it’s amazing.

      sorry to have missed you while you were in the States!

  2. What no Five Guys? No In and Out Burger? And what’s wrong with tattoos, anyway, Mr. High and Mighty?

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