Shakin’ the Blues Away

…unhappy news away (dmm dmm dmm)…If you are blue, it’s easy to
shake off your cares and troubles.”

Name that musical!

Last night, the Philosopher and I tried our hand at shakin’ some blues away with a little dancin’.

That’s right. This guy:


Unsurprisingly, this whole jaunt was my idea, and the Philosopher kindly agreed to come along to some swing dancing lessons with me as my birthday present this year.

And it was kind of him, but also brave. An hour before the class he could only fork down a few bites of dinner, jumping up to pace round the house or try on a few different outfits. Poor man. See, it wouldn’t have been so anxiety-producing if it weren’t for the specific kind of dancing we signed up for: Ceroc.

I first heard about Ceroc from my aunt and uncle, who regularly wow the family crowd at gatherings where they strap on the dancing shoes and do cool moves which make the rest of us grow dizzy just watching. Ceroc is a patented jive-style dance that only exists in the UK. It’s centralized across the country, so one Ceroc studio will be exactly like the next. So far so good, right?

Here’s the problem.

During the class, you have to rotate partners every 30 seconds or so.

His thoughts exactly.

The good news is, we made it through an hour and a half without any tears, and only left foot each. The dance hall (Oxford Town Hall) was the perfect, most gorgeous venue. It’s not blurry in real life. My camera’s focus has given up.

We learned one sequence, which we can only do about 3 times before it falls apart, but I’d say in about 10 classes we’ll be jiving with the rest of them!

Wanna see?

5 thoughts on “Shakin’ the Blues Away

  1. Oh man, so as of right now the video isn’t working, which for my sake is just as well, as once it’s out on the world wide web, it’s there forever and I’ll never be able to live it down.
    Talk about humiliating! Hopefully none of my male friends read this blog.

    1. I LOVE IT! I am so proud of you, The Philosopher, for stepping out of your comfort zone! Modernworkinggirl – the Philosopher obviously loves you A WHOLE BUNCH! And he puts his siblings and father to shame!

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