A Word from the Violinist

For some unknown reason, while Sarah and Peter were visiting from the U.K, I got
suckered into going “GF” for 6 weeks – Gluten Free for the uninitiated. Well, it’s the
latest food fad don’t you know!

My first day, Monday July 9th was marked by several failures, beginning with the
downing of a lone, tiny, healthy-looking flake of cereal which had fallen out of Sarah’s
cereal bowl in her haste to catch her flight back to Heathrow. Alas, the first ingredient onthe cereal box was “red wheat”, sure sounded like gluten to me!

A healthy salad for lunch seemed like just the thing moving forward, until I realized
that even the most promising looking salad dressings are full of suspicious sounding

A trip to the supermarket would solve everything, except my time crunch. Imagine
wondering up and down aisle after aisle reading food labels, looking for the Gluten Free sign, wondering if this or that could possibly taste any good. I’m a creature of habit, I know what I like. Stick to fresh fruits and veg – saves a lot of time. But I did make some good finds.

The day ended well though. The Bakestress arrived home after a long day at the office
and made a wonderful batch of GF cookies made with bananas, almonds, chocolate.
Good thing she loves scouring food blogs and the like – I think I’ll be able to stay sane
with the odd decent cookie.

And then the crowning, GF glory.
Thank goodness for Cadbury’s


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