Monday Morning Blues

We are truly in Blues territory these days. It barely makes it to 60 degrees, dark all day, spitting with temperamental rain.

But, one keeps one’s chin as high as one can.

It’s really all we can do, given the circumstances.

So, keeping chin high for:

1) Fond memories of warmer climes and pizza in a dark alley in the North End of Boston with my folks.

2) A new favorite novel-of-the-month: Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. You should read it if you’re looking to get lost in something hilarious, thrilling and cathartic on a beach somewhere this summer. And the rest of you should read it even if you aren’t.

3) Fond memories of the taste of this:

4) The Violinist’s and my triumphant win in Settler’s, after a three-week series of staggeringly poor defeats. Ah sweet victory. How lovely. And if you’re me, how short-lived.

5) Fond memories of these people:

6) My brother-in-law, One Classy Dude, declaring during an episode of the BBC historical miniseries, Cranford, “I LOVE this show!” and laughing with delight.

7) More memories of a new little friend I made on holiday who, in response to what I thought was a relatively straightforward question about what his favorite animals were, responded: “Snakes, lizards, cows, horses, turtles, fish, cats, dogs, dolphins, whales, llamas –” “But Eli, which one is your favorite of them all?” “Oh. Hmm. I guess maybe dogs, cats, lizards, bears, lions, giraffes, horses, cows…”

I would say more but my internet is refusing to upload photos. But instead of being crushed that you may never hear numbers 8,9 and 10 (which are NOT about being on vacation, promise) – why not leave me a comment with a number of your own?


13 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. So thankful that;
    the chocolate I like to eat is GF
    I get help tonight printing out and mailing all the Lexington Symphony season tickets
    I need the A.C. on (sorry MWG)

  2. Ah, I for one am thankful that you and the Philosopher are back in the dreary land that is the UK! We missed you!! And my numbers 9 & 10 are for a hilarious baby running wildly (and nude) from room to room…she’s up and running! Aggghh!
    In other news, I thought maybe I could cheer you up with an ice cream lunch at G&Ds. It may not compare to Boston’s finest, but it’s the best we can do. What do you reckon??

  3. I went to said pizza place in dark alley this weekend and adam sandler was eating there too!
    p.s. is it a british thing to use “one” so often? i noticed that also in the movie “the best exotic marigold hotel” and wasn’t sure if that was british or those actors or what…

  4. 8) Memories of the most beautiful soccer team (Spain) and the most beautiful tennis player (Roger Federer) winning major tournaments earlier this summer. I’m a sucker for beauty in sports and life.

    9) Playing soccer (or ‘football’, if you prefer) with guys from church on Monday nights.

    10) My good friend from college (or ‘uni’, if you prefer), the Old Man, is coming to visit us tomorrow. Hopefully he will spank us at some games (Settlers? Scrabble? 500?) tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it.

    11) The Modern Working Girl made gluten-free cupcakes tonight and they WEREN’T DISGUSTING!!!

    1. ‘I’m a sucker for beautiy in sports and (then) life’. Glad you have your priorities straight, Philosopher! Oh, and I prefer ‘football’ and ‘university’. ‘Uni’ sort of scares me.
      Those cupcakes were so good that I ate one at 8am. Whoops.

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