Gluten-Free and Gleeful

Against the odds, against the grain, against the advice of everyone who loves bread and loves us, the Violinist and I are embarking on a new adventure.

It goes by the name of Gluten-Free.

During this six-week health experiment (and please note, this is no ill-conceived weight loss plan), we will forgo glutenous grains and go for other good things.

It’s been a week so far, and not a bad one! I admit to some instances of temptation, and uncharacteristic ones: the apple fritter in Starbucks, the bun on my burger, a crusted quiche. I haven’t missed sandwiches or bread really, though the sight of a frozen half-baked baguette in the freezer is giving my some grief every other day or so. Unlike other special food diets, it feels like this one doesn’t completely block out any food group. It’s not a particularly low-carb challenge, and protein is not hard to come by…

The Chocoholic has counseled that I will lose my readership if this blog becomes about gluten-free living. He has on occasion been wrong before, but in general I take his advice in hand and therefore promise you, readers, the following:

THIS BLOG WILL NOT BECOME ABOUT GLUTEN-FREE LIVING. (But do excuse the occasional web-gasp of surprise at how poorly gluten-free baking can really turn out.)

One thought on “Gluten-Free and Gleeful

  1. Jay Leno went gluten-free for a day. His assessment: “I never realized how much I like gluten!” Good luck on your adventure!

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