Boolah Boolah!

Have we ever chatted about Yale? I spent four fun-filled, soggy years there, and gained only about as many pounds, despite the pizza-mecca that the city is for those in the know.

The Philosopher and I took a mini-trip down to New Haven to revisit some of our old haunts/friends. The campus was more beautiful than I remember, but that may be because in comparison, Oxford is just SO much more grand and has without my knowledge diminished my recall of Yale.

How lucky was I to spend 4 years here? I am more and more amazed at the privilege (and how undeserving I was of it) as the years tick on…thank you Chocoholic/Violinist!

We passed SSS, an imposing building where I passed Microeconomics and made the unwise decision to continue on to Macroeconomics. My GPA wishes I had decided otherwise.

We wandered across the street to Commons, large cafeteria at Yale where freshmen especially like to congregate. After that first year, Yalies move into one of the twelve residential colleges and eat in smaller dining halls. But for most of Yalies, Commons holds a very special place in our hearts (especially those who are inclined towards fro-yo and chocolate chip waffles at every meal). We saw this peculiar sign upon leaving. It wasn’t raining outside, and the door was in all respects similar to the other exits. Any ideas?

I always loved this building. It made me think of Europe, which is fitting because it half-housed several romance language departments. I spent a few friendly hours there meeting with my senior advisor, the inimitable Priscilla Melendez.

I was a student at Branford College, which was just a few steps away from Skull and Bones, perhaps the most well-known secret society (for seniors only). George W. was amongst its famous members.  Large, tomb-like secret society buildings are scattered around campus, and are almost always windowless.

One of the things we miss most about Yale is the abundance of affordable, high-quality arts events. We especially would like to be around for this one! Have you seen Giamatti’s recent film, Win Win? We recommend it. Reconciliation + wrestling…it really is a win-win. (Sorry. I truly am.)

And of course, one can’t praise New Haven without mentioning its foodie culture. So many favorite places! In only one and a half days, we managed to fit in two favourites.

We were especially pleased that Mamoun’s prices hadn’t changed. Still $2.75 for a falafel pita sandwich!

Just a happy philosopher with his grape leaf.

And we confess to spending the first couple weeks of vacation salivating over the thought of some proper Neapolitan-style pizza. New Haven is famed for its pies. There are several dozen show-stopping joints that we didn’t want to miss…but having only time enough for one, we hit up Pepe’s in Wooster Square, a charming Little Italy-type neighborhood, with some friends.

Don’t be mad at me guys, I just LOVE this candid. And yes Philosopher, You Do Bike!

She may be tall and full of ideals, but the WorldChanger always tries her best to get down to my humble level.

The Songstress and hubby joined us for two pies to write home/on-the-blog about: one Margherita and our perennial fave, sausage and broccoli.

Wow. I should not look at this picture too much.

Some other kind friends generously let us crash in their basement (conveniently located across from Pepe’s), where these guys watched over us in the night.

We said goodbye to New Haven up the hill at the Divinity School, the site of many-a-romantic picnics before the Philosopher and I tied the knot. For some reason he refused to get into this picture. Philosopher-in-Tree might give off the wrong image, I suppose? One has one’s reputation to preserve 🙂


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