The Good Life

Traumatized by the thought of trying to write one post on nearly 3 weeks of vacation bliss, I’ll leave you with a few photos and fewer words. But note! There will be captions (though no blood).

Blue, glorious blue!
The Philosopher and his big brother doesn’t know about this whole diving into 57 degree shark-infested waters thing…
Little bro goes for it!! Cowabunga!!
The classic line (but don’t be fooled): Come on in! It’s not cold at all!
Of all the words in all of the English language, our two year old nephew requested that the Philosopher write down this one.
A Nephew and his Nini. This nice action shot of foot-in-pumpkin goes along nicely with his favorite joke of the moment: “Nini! My toe is huwtin’!”
Picking the perfect strawberry is a task only fit for the Bakestress.
Haha! Got it!
We Brits mourned as Murray fell.



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