A Hiatus

Dear Reader,

This modernworkingblog is taking a vacation for a while. You may or may not have noticed that in fact, it checked out of life about a week ago. It’s currently relaxing on a Hawaiian beach somewhere.

Sadly, its author is not, though relaxing on a Hawaiian beach somewhere ranks high on the life goals/wish list. Life has become a lot lately.

Let me leave you, for the moment, with a story.

Last night I was on a plane, and sitting right at the back row but one. When I arrived at my seat a flight attendant’s bags were occupying it, which she apologetically moved while raising her eyebrow.

‘I thought these seats were free?’ She was slightly perturbed.

‘No…?’ I said. What else could I say? I thought that flight attendants had, like, the whole plane at their disposal. Apparently they like to hang out in the back row, passenger-free.

For most of the flight, I learned about the absolute drama in the life of a flight attendant. Three of them complained about the control issues of the fourth, rolling their eyes as he insisted on making the UNICEF announcement. One of them fawned for six hours over the hair clips of the other. All four complained about passengers who stood up when the fasten seatbelt sign was on. As we spent a few hours in choppy air, I listened as two of them groaned behind me.

Apparently, flight attendants get turbulence-related nausea too. It didn’t strike confidence.

About half-way through the flight, one of them came up to the other and fingered her pearls, exclaiming how much she loved them.

The be-pearled attendant replied, ‘Oh yes, I actually have six pairs! A long string, a double, a choker, one with Swarovsky crystals…’

‘Wearing pearls brings tears you know’. She lowered her voice.

There was a beat in which the sting of this seemed sink in. ‘What?’

‘Yeah, it’s true.’

The pearl-wearer tried to laugh it off. ‘I don’t believe that.’

Her friend stepped closer. ‘Opals. Opals is what you need. You have to wear opals to balance the bad luck of the pearls.’

Another beat. I could almost hear the shrieking violin horror movie music start up, and pictured the camera zoom in on the flight attendant’s face.

‘Opals are my birthstone.’

They both stood in stunned silence for a few seconds.

‘Wow.’ They whispered together.

I put a blanket over my face.


Till we meet again! I hope it will be soon.

9 thoughts on “A Hiatus

  1. This most welcome interruption in my inbox will be sorely missed. I hope it is indeed only a “hiatus”.

    I will sorely miss the (nearly) daily updates of your quirky life (just as I miss daily conversations with you in person). And this post. Wow. People are just A LOT sometimes.

  3. My heart was all a flutter when I saw there was a posting from you after a much missed absence. I’ll look forward to following once again after your hiatus. Everyone needs a break sometimes and one as busy as you clearly have been surely deserves to slow down and just let life be for a bit. Take time to smell the scones and enjoy the tea.

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