Minor celebri-dom

This modernworkinggirl’s face is on the world wide web in a way never seen before. Sure the odd asparagus-holding photo is a step towards fame, but this is a whole new level.

I feel a little uncomfortable about it, actually.

Here goes nothing!

And it’s live! http://www.easyreadsystem.com/index/index.html


3 thoughts on “Minor celebri-dom

  1. Check you out Sarah Forrest. Such poise, such confidence. You are glowing. Shoot, I want to sign up for Easy Read.

    1. You should! Except, wait, you read just fine. In fact, you probably read more than anyone I know (possibly Kassie excepted. You guys might tie for first. She’s not dyslexic either.)

      1. what! I can’t do EasyRead either?! lame. 😉
        so cool that you’re like the face of EasyRead now. LEGIT

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