A Philosopher’s Bribe

On Sunday we visited friends who are part-time live-in caretakers at a 7-bedroom country manor home.
Despite ominous weather, the chickens were out at play. The bantams looked almost like owls. The have thick, feathery feet.
Some of them have baby chicks!
We enjoyed a luxury meal prepared by Hugh, professional chef, ballet dancer, voice-over actor, salesman, nursery worker and entrepreneur (couldn’t you tell about the entrepreneur part?)
Surprise of all surprises: we had lamb and I loved it! I’ve never met a lamb I’ve liked the taste of…
Hugh, jack of all trades remember, whipped out his auto-harp and swore to teach the Philosopher to play in under 5 minutes.
I see auto-harp American Idoldom in his future, or a photo for me to use as bribery/blackmail later on! Of course, I would never…

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