Scenes from a birthday

We headed off in the rain on Saturday for a night away from our regular-Jane-and-Joe lives in Oxford, and drove into the wilds of Berkshire.

In all honesty, some parts of it looked like a jungle. Lush, heavy green undergrowth crawled out onto the country lanes. Hedges teetered over the edge of their stone walls.

We were fairly lost for a good part of the journey, which can honestly be blamed on a lack of street signs. However, there were a few other signs which kept us in good spirits.

Like the one outside of the GEM Primary School which read:


Talk about mixed metaphor.

Or the sign outside the playground:

“No dogs EVER. Children at play.”

And yes, the ‘ever’ was all caps.

We saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which received one thumb up from each of us for being very sweet. We were running a bit late to the film (football match) but the popcorn box appropriately spurred us on and we sat down exactly as the opening credits rolled.

Part two forthcoming…


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