Friday Faff

I have to say, I feel that this week’s Faff was especially inspired.

Maybe it’s just this springtime obsession with all things green, but when it comes to pasta, green is the new red.

Put away that jar of tomato sauce! Don’t even think about getting out Grandma’s bolognese. Leave the bacon carbonara for a more wintry season.

Green is in the house.

Take a chopped avocado, cup of thawed frozen spinach, one garlic clove, a glug of olive oil, a teaspoon of basil, a pinch of red pepper flakes and a few handfuls of parmesan cheese.

Blend it, baby. Add some pasta water as needed.

Add a lemon squeeze, plus some zest.

Put leftover lemon in still or sparkling water.

Shovel it in!

One thought on “Friday Faff

  1. Yum, can I come over? Beats my Friday Faff of yogurt, banana and flax – energy food for a long rehearsal!!

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