Monday Morning Blues

This morning, I walked to work. I keep doing this thing where if the sun is out in the morning, I walk to work, and then inevitably it is raining or colder in the afternoon when I have to walk home.

So I cave and take the bus.

It seems to be the mornings when it’s cloudy and dull that clear for beautiful evenings.

Girl just can’t get it right.

This morning, I was thankful for:

1. The sun. Which was, at the moment, shining.

2. The clock in our car running fast. This means I am never as late as I think I am. (It also means that you can psyche yourself out and believe that you have more time than you actually do because “the clock runs fast”. Then you are even later. Ahem, Philosopher.)

3. The freak thunder-lightning-hailstorm we had yesterday. It was awesome!! Although the weather is infinitely interesting here, it doesn’t tend to be dramatic in and of itself. So we really appreciate a good hailstorm every now and again.

4. Back-up cameras when new ones perish.

5. Tulips! Our local grocery store just instituted these shopping carts that you have to insert a pound coin into in order to access. You then get the coin back at the end of your shop. However, for some reason I rarely have pound coins on a Saturday morning (likely having spent them on buses – see preamble) and so have to resort to persuading the charity at the entrance to spot me a coin from their donations jar. I usually feel guilty about this even though I fully intend to return it to said jar. And you can imagine it doesn’t look so good to the outside world. This Saturday: no charity at entrance!! So I picked out some tulips and waited in a checkout line JUST so I could pay with my card and get cash-back. Let me tell you, £10 in coins weighs you down. The good news is: these tulips.

6. One more week until April ends! May sounds like something special this year.

7. Lilacs on walls.

8. This shirt, given to me by wonderful in-laws a few months ago, and lovingly worn by yours truly many times in recent days. Is it ok to be thankful for a shirt? I am also thankful for the in-laws!

Finish it off with a 9. and 10., anyone?


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. I’m thankful that at last NEW England has seen some rain! – (Sorry for the reminder).
    Also thankful for peanut butter/blueberry/chocolate cookies made by The Bakestress

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