Friday Faff-less

Last night I failed at faffing.

Instead of a normal faff (which, let’s face it, in my house is tasty only about 50% of the time and attractive only about 10%) a fantastic meal resulted with a lot of effort and considerable forethought.

Which goes against everything the Friday Faff stands for.

I know. Despicable.

Last night I helped out preparing and serving dinner for my church’s Alpha launch night. We took over the small but suitably industrial stainless steel kitchen at a local joint called The Magic Cafe. I couldn’t quite capture the beauty of the setting sun shining through the front window, but let me tell you, the place glowed in red.

I have to confess to a few moments of day-dreaming about being Master and Commander of just such a local bustling cafe/bakery. The high five-year-foreclosure stats for independent cafes are too high to even consider such an endeavour seriously. But, as far as I can tell, there is no such hold on daydreaming.

There was something really warm and comfortable about this place.

When did an abacus become a child’s toy? I wonder if calculators or laptops will go the same way, one day.

We cooked honey-mustard pork sausages with herb potato wedges, broccoli, slaw, red cabbage and quiche.

Other creative-types decorated the place. Note to self: make more of an effort with  home decor. It makes a room become a lovely room.The turnout was pretty good, but we probably had about 50 sausages, 5 pounds of broccoli and too many potatoes to quantify left over at the end of the night. More for me!!


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