Taxes, Faxes

There are two things that are going out of style for me.

Doing my taxes, and sending faxes.

Both are a huge headache that even a cup of tea doesn’t help.

I believe in taxation, I really do. I even understand why the Philosopher and I have to file for the US despite having fled the country three years ago.

But believing in and understanding a thing just ain’t the same as doing it.(*Now, for faxes, I no longer believe in nor understand their persistent existence, but that’s a rant for another day).

We turboed through our taxes last night however, and bravely so. We started in the daylight hours and stocked up on chocolate covered digestives and Hobnobs, tortilla chip and Cadbury’s: all worthy tax-filing foodstuffs.But night fell, a second Mac had to be fired up, and we were flagging. Our IKEA Jokkmokk table was flooded with unwanted papers and a half-eaten leftover quesadilla (open-faced quesadillas: we’re hoping to start a new trend.) The Philosopher spent a brief spell face-down on the sofa.

He pepped up however (an open-faced quesadilla can do that for a body) and, a mere three hours later, we were finished. Sadly, TurboTax wouldn’t let us e-file because it refused to believe that my working address was did not have a State in the address field. Sometimes the US is so egocentric. We stifled cries of injustice and calmly printed out the full return before slumping together in exhausted relief.

Only 1 year to go before we do it all over again!

4 thoughts on “Taxes, Faxes

  1. this year, R and I have the same exact W2 with Cru and thegood ol’ state of CT did not believe us (though Turbo Tax for Federal didn’t either, they let us override their disbelief with the click of a button) , so we also couldn’t e-file, but had to send in a paper one, I hope they believe that!

      1. Welcome to the joyous territory of dual citizenship.
        The C. tears his hair out every April, while I ply him with my meager amounts of earnings followed by mileage, costs of tolls, parking, bow rehairs, concert gear, general violinist wear and tear etc

  2. For the first time in 34+ years of married life we used a real person to do our taxes. It still involved a bunch of ‘headache’ and hours of pouring over the receipts and bills, but actually – the taxman says that we should get a refund this year! (what a new feeling.! don’t think that’s happened before…… maybe the taxman knows how to do taxes better than we do! Imagine that!)…..
    Love you both!

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