Monday Morning Blues

Easter Friday, Easter Sunday and now Easter Monday have been good to us. There’s nothing like a 4-day weekend to feel as if time itself is relaxing. Plenty of reasons to be thankful:

1. Fun and games. We learned a fantastic new one called Bohnanza with a couple of friends. It’s a game about beans by Germans. Germans do games best I think, if not beans. We also enjoyed revisiting an old classic (the Philosopher walloped me, as usual).

2. The Philosopher found a disgusting if amazing lunch deal on Saturday: stuffed baguette, bag of crisps, can of soda and stuffed cream puff for FOUR POUNDS AND NO CENTS!

3. There is a bottle top that has been on the ground outside my flat for about 3 months now. I like it so much I can’t bear to throw it away. Isn’t beer supposed to help you escape reality?

4. A friend of mine gave me a nifty tea mug complete with tea strainer that fits inside, and a cap that goes on top! It’s been fun to drink out of – ah, novelty. It’s amazing what they can do with mugs nowadays.

5. A sloooow Monday morning with to-do lists, fresh balm leaf tea, Numbers, and nails.

6. Mid-morning snacks with the Philosopher.

7. Alison Krauss and Union Station. Wow.

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. oh man. seven. SEVEN??! you can only think of seven things for which to be thankful these days??? you’re dropping your standards, Whitfield.

  2. So, she becomes a “Whitfield” when accused of lowering standards. Hmmm….
    Just to up the Whitfield side of things here – I am very thankful for The Chocoholic who cleaned the house stupendously while taking on the phone – yes – 2 things at once.

  3. Glad you had a four day holiday. Well done! We were in and out of churches with communion on Maundy Thursday, walk of witness on Friday followed by a service in a RC church! Easter day service in our Church followed by taking a service in the evening in Derbyshire, , when four Cookes came and joined us. Today has been quiet! No church!

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