Good Friday Faff

The day started out so well. We woke to bright sun on an extra weekend day and all seemed well. The gym was full but only pleasantly so, our car was finally fixed and breakfast happily eaten. In fact, nothing went wrong until around 11:30, when we climbed into the car, ready to seize the sunny day on a trip together.

And then the clouds rolled in.

Story of our lives, really.

An extra fun Friday Faff was definitely called for.

I’ve grown in my love for aubergines/eggplant over the last few years, and have been wanting to try to make stuffed aubergine for just about as long. It seemed the right night for something so splendid. We were dragging our feet in the gloom.

So, I halved and roasted an aubergine.

Decided on a stuffing of whole wheat couscous, grated cheddar, grated courgette, chopped sweet potato (the fridge has an awful lot of half-eaten veg at the mo), dressed in basil and balsamic. Scooped out cooked flesh of eggplant, add to stuffing mixture, and stuff away!Reheated in the oven briefly while plates eagerly await their guests. Gave extra couscous to hungry husband.

SO GOOD! And just the light bite that the Philosopher needed to get back to developing a new philosophical idea (shh, top secret)

One thought on “Good Friday Faff

  1. The philosopher is neither sleeping nor thinking, he’s exercising self-control and praying for strength to get through another Friday faff dinner (not designed for real men) without blowing a gasket….

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