Monday Morning Blues

This morning, I was thankful for:

1. Finishing the Hunger Games trilogy. I was in the throes of a story there for a while. Hard to concentrate on anything else.

2. The good conversations that happen on long car journeys. Thank you, Philosopher.

3. Sun on Sunday.

4. After Eight dinner mints. The all-time greatest chocolate treat.

5. The Philosopher’s enthusiasm for the movie Out of Africa. It’s fun to watch.

6. Oxford: the best place to live in all of England.

7. Pinkish-Red in nature. Wow.

8. Peanut butter granola. How could I never have thought of this before?! Mix up your favorite grainy-nutty-seedy mixture with peanut butter, maple syrup (or honey), oil and press GO! Also delicious raw.

9. Brilliant co-workers, who make the day worth working.

Can you give me a tenth?

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. I agree with The Violinist! Family and Friends! Your grandparents looked great, by the way!
    And i,too, love Out of Africa! One day we are going to vacation together there and do the Safari thing. It is awesome – honest!
    Miss you both very much!

  2. Here’s a tenth – be thankful for the love of God, family, and friends. Such love is there on Mondays and every other day! Grandma

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