Friday Faff

Aaaand the Friday Faff is back! (The crowd of 5 goes wild.)

Our lonely cast of characters…the fridge is bare!

I made a New Year’s Commitment to try to eat one dose of fish every week for all those essential oils. I’ve been failing more or less sense then, so this felt like an achievement, canned or not. Plus, good news: boneless!

I tried to boil the pasta in too small of a pan and accidentally burned some. Back to cooking 101 for this modern working girl.

Fried up the canned salmon with some butter.

Scraped at a lemon for its zest.

Tested the pasta…

Al dente! And on my blouse.

Mixed in some creme fraiche, lemon juice and freshly cracked black pepper…

Big bowl, little bowl. Mmm mmm good! Only problem was there wasn’t enough. Oh well. Room for ice cream?!

2 thoughts on “Friday Faff

  1. Love canned salmon, all that extra calcium in the bones – bring it on!
    Always room for ice cream too. 2 new frozen yogurt shops in Lexington now – just spoiled for choice

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