Pictures from a weekend.

I spent the weekend with a friend of mine who is house-hunting due to a new job down South. Woohoo, the South is the best! The grass is greener down here, I think.

I beat her to the hotel so I lounged at the bar with this hot chocolate and a gigantic flat-screen showing some kind of talent show a la American Idol except with…synchronised swimmers.

Don’t you just love wine adjectives? I’d rather have some blackberry, cream and vanilla without the wine part, actually.

We checked out a few neighbourhoods. This one was particularly stunning. How about that view out your window!

We checked out every corner of the town at such full speed that I could barely whip out my camera to flesh out a decent post. But suffice it to say, though we didn’t find a flat, we caught the sun, put some miles on the car, and lapped up some milkshakes. All in a day’s work!

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