Monday Morning Blues

Somehow England manages to be chilly and hazy at the same time. Where I’m from ‘hazy’ usually goes along with ‘hot’ ‘humid’ and ‘summer day’!

This morning, on my hazy, chilly, walk to work, I was thankful for:

1. The sight of this book over the weekend which still makes me laugh. The one above is good too, but I’m referring to the ‘nose’ title.

2. My camera caught a planet! It couldn’t snap any of the stars but it took in Venus pretty well. Looks like the only thing in the sky.

3. A comical Saturday shop in which a bottle of Elderflower cordial was shattered in front of me at the check-out and the employees went on as if nothing had happened. One of them kept intermittently suggesting that ‘somebody should clean that up’, but somehow no action was taken as I stepped over the glass. The upside is my shoes smell of elderflower!

4. The Oxford Literary Festival is in town! Granted, all I’ve done is walk by the tent several times, but one must hope a bit of high-brow-ness is transmitted airborne.

5. Things that crawl on walls at Christ Church. Lilac!

6. Antlers!

7. An easy read. I just bought The Hunger Games. Sell out.

8. The sun shining on this trees nakedness…as if to say “Not for long!”

Eight thankfuls isn’t so bad for a Monday, is it?

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. What about:
    9. my wonderful husband
    10. that he crawled under the bed to find the piece of my computer plug I dropped

  2. The Hunger Games was $5, so I sold out too. I think the writing itself is meh to bad, but the storyline kept me in it.

    Suzanne Collins is probably not invited to the Oxford Literary Festival.

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