Monday Morning Blues

The sun was blazing this morning after a week of grey. Even though there was a heavy frost on the ground, we were still convinced summer warmth had arrived. As I ate breakfast in the kitchen, I heard the Philosopher cry out from the bedroom “Whoa, the sun is blinding me!” before collapsing back into the last precious moments of morning sleep.

50% of my thankfulness this morning lay mostly along those sunshine-lines. So I’ll shorten it to 5 things, so as not to bore any readers out there.

1. 2. I hit the 100 posts mark last week. Made it this far! Every week or so I consider stopping, so 100 posts is amazing to me.

3. A new work project has cropped up which has me exploring different demographic and economic metrics in a few US cities. California = way expensive.

4. I’ve enjoyed rediscovering the nap, with my in-laws leading the way. It’s not for me, I don’t think, but every once in three blue moons it’s just necessary.

5. Speaking of rediscovery, I’m enjoying yogurt a lot these days. Yogurt, raspberries and granola, honey and greek yogurt, mid-afternoon fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt snack…ah, the options are endless!

6. Ok, one more for kicks: I got a haircut last week, first salon cut since, gosh, this time last year? The scalp massage is my favorite part.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. The girl behind you is astounded–you look so good! (I wish I could say the same about the sleepy old coot on the sofa!)

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