Paree, Paree

Paris in 24 hours? Not possible. So before I receive any complaints about the limited nature of the photos that follow, let it be known: this was not an American guide book “Paris in 24 hours” deal. It was more of a “meet a friend and catch up on two years of life in 24 hours” kind of deal.

And what better backdrop?

My computer is on its last legs these day so unfortunately, these pictures are out of chronological order. But we’ll help that with some captions! I love captions!

The French guy next to me in this tres, tres cool cafe snorted when I whipped out my camera to capture these pastries. I feel like French people snort at Americans a lot.
Monet! Musee d'Orsay -- definitely underestimated the time that could be spent in this one. I'd say two days seems about right. Kristjiana kept throwing out these random one-liners, which kept us laughing despite sore feet: "I feel like impressionism is California and naturalism is the East Coast." You know what I think? I think she's biased 🙂
Musee d'Orsay, autre fois.
Rounded ceilings always make me think I'm in a train station.
I think something got lost in translation...
In Paris the metro trains are double-deckered. And also blurry, apparently.
A mini Parisian apartment! And a Kjana caught unawares, looking stunning even in her most off-guard moments.
Paris was dark grey, and for once England was blue as I left it! For several miles I had lovely scenery - the Didcot power plant. Those towers mar rolling green hills in a staggering radius. It's like you can see them from everywhere.
Is it just me, friends of Kjana, or does she look a little bit more like her brother than usual in this picture?
I was running a bit late on both the outbound and inbound Eurostar journeys. My coach was of course the very last one on the way out. Even worse, coming back to London my coach was 19...which, coincidentally, did not exist.
We tried to be Parisiennes and shop at 7pm for our 8.30pm meal. The shopping went great...but finding chopping boards and knives up to the task of preparing the food was a bit more of a challenge. Half an onion at a time!
FRENCH BREAD. CAMEMBERT. That's all we really needed.
The view from our window in the 7th arrondisement at 10am. Everyone was too exhausted from partying until 3am on a Tuesday night, I guess...
The Eiffel. I've decided I prefer other of Paris' looming monuments. This reminds me more and more of an air traffic control tower. Child of the 2000s, I guess.
I found the Philosopher!! Here's looking at you, babe.

Thank you to Kjana for being the best host away from home I’ve every experienced!

5 thoughts on “Paree, Paree

  1. I can just ‘smell’ Paris as I look at the pictures. Thank you for reminding me how much I love that city. Glad you made it there and back in one piece.

  2. “Rounded ceilings always make me think I’m in a train station.” – That’s because Orsay WAS a train station. LOL.

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