Pancakes for breakfast

This morning (slash afternoon) we hosted an all-American breakfast at our flat. We’ve spent far too many unholy hours complaining about the strangeness of the British fry-up. They seem to get so much right…and yet so much wrong.

Sausages – great stuff. Toast and jam, fried egg, ham-style bacon – fine, very happy. But fried mushroom? Hmm… Grilled tomato? Baked beans?! In the morning?

I suppose you can get used to anything.

We wanted our friends to get used to this:

Amongst a spread of coffee cake (continually reassuring that there was no actual coffee in it), scrambled egg, American bacon (very different to the rashers they sell here), bagels and cream cheese, a few jam-filled donuts, yogurt and granola and plenty of OJ, we served up two different kinds of pancake batter: a banana made with oil, not butter, and a buttermilk made with buttermilk AND butter.

Butter always wins.

I would definitely recommend you pick a Saturday morning to enjoy these Truck Stop Buttermilk Pancakes. We mixed in blueberries and chocolate chips, but I’m guessing they could take just about anything.

I was too busy flipping pancakes to photograph the spread (not to mention the problem of a clean photo with 12+ people in our kitchen!) but I did get an aerial view of the table after we’d demolished most of it.

Next month we may try a different “cultural breakfast”, like oh, Lebanese or something. Suggestions?


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