It’s the small things

You know how the old expression goes. You see a rainbow in the sky. Your four year old sweetly offers you a bit of her ice cream. A friend unexpectedly sends you flowers.

You sigh and say happily: “It’s the small things in life…”

Have you noticed that the expression is a fragment? It’s the small things in life that….what? I think the vagueness of the whole enterprise entitles me to use it in a variety of situations for which it may not have been originally intended.

Today in the grocery store for example, I used it and sighed unhappily. Can you notice what got me down? (Hint: it may or may not reveal my obsessive tendencies when it comes to grammatical consistencies. But on a more positive note, don’t you LOVE tea?)

Sigh. Sometimes it’s the small things in life… that get you down.

Ok, so here’s the challenge. What’s wrong with the last picture?


10 thoughts on “It’s the small things

  1. What crazy person ever sets off fireworks in the day time?
    LOVE Assam tea though. In fact I think I’ll put the kettle on right now!

  2. Well, in India, ‘chai’ actually translates as ‘tea’, and what Twinings (not Twining’s?!) are trying to approximate is, in fact, ‘garam chai’.

    Or was there something else you meant?

  3. I know! I know! The descriptor has a noun rather than just adjectives. According to all the other tea boxes, it should just be sweet and spicy, not ‘sweet and spicy celebration’. Do I win? 🙂

  4. I haven’t a clue about what’s wrong – others’ comments are so clever and point to things I would never have thought of!
    And your blog is making my own blog appear paltry! Stop being so creative! (only jokiing, of course – we can’t all be witty in the Forrest family, can we?)
    Counting the days till I see the skies of Oxford!

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