A modern working office

Due to clamor from the masses (or 1% of the masses), I present to you an abbreviated tour of what makes up a modern working office nowadays.

White walls are totally out. Think pastels or what I call kitchen-colors, like this sunshine yellow. Also out are no-food-at-workstation rules. This in particular is a great blessing to me, as generally I prefer eating to not eating at most times between 9 and 5. The use of Skype as a phone line is increasing in popularity amongst us young and hip offices. Who would want a phone cluttering up the desk when one could have a nifty bluetooth headset?

Do observe if you will the strategic placement of tall green plants in front of the room’s only source of light. Greenery is meant to increase the happiness levels in computer-screen-glazed workers, but it can also surreptitiously be used block clear views out into the wider world where things of immeasurable excitement are surely taking place, for example cats meowing at the top of the fire escape.In some offices, space is increasingly limited nowadays as rent prices increase. Boxes of supplies are freely stacked in open plan offices as a result. However, there is a growing group of discontented workers who suspect this may be a plot to gradually replace human employees with machines. Over time, the conspiracists claim, boxes hiding sophisticated electronic equipment will bury their fleshly counterparts who highly prone to “user errors” and thus expendable.

Thus concludes a modest exploration of today’s modern working climate. Do come back next week for an expose on the “modern working lunch”.


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