One box fits all

The other I arrived home to this giant box from Amazon. I mean, it was more than half my size in height! (Well, that’s giant to me anyway. For a box.) I couldn’t think what I had ordered which might possibly merit such massive fanfare, and I eagerly ripped it open, hoping for some belated Valentine’s gift the likes of which were unimaginably marvelous.

Instead I found this. 

Talk about a let-down. (But stunning curtains, on the other hand.)

We’re doing a painting project with the Besom for a 12 year old boy who lives on a council estate in Oxford, and I ordered a few posters of his favorite football/soccer player to put up on the wall. I guess the Amazon sender felt uneasy about putting a tube through the British postal service and decided to use one of the gigantic boxes which has been sitting unused in his corner. Then maybe he felt slightly embarrassed about it and stuffed the box full of brown paper towel as recompense. In any case, pretty hilarious.

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