Friday Faff

It may have passed some of you by, but three days ago it was Shrove Tuesday, known in this country as Pancake Day. And when we English folk say ‘pancake’, we mean ‘crepe’. Obviously.

The Philosopher and I were out on Tuesday night and couldn’t devote the kind of enthusiasm necessary to our first Pancake Day adventure, so we postponed it a few days. I hope the Pope doesn’t mind too much. We also wore our pajama pants. It seemed appropriate somehow.

Anyway, we bought some ‘pancake’ mixture (just add milk!) because we wanted to follow the way of many Brits (and it was on sale!) and got to work. The Philosopher, ever mindful of imminent starvation, was concerned that 6 crepes wouldn’t be enough and might lead to unknown horrors – even death – so we tried to be creative with filling…fillings.The crepe batter turned out to be sweeter than we were hoping, so the whole mushroom/grated zucchini/cheddar cheese combo was a bit of a flop.

But let me tell you, the classic lemon and sugar more than compensated! We got a little sweet station going and experimented with honey and jam also. Definitely a good move on our part.

What’s your favorite crepe filling?

10 thoughts on “Friday Faff

  1. What exactly is a “crepe” anyway–some kind of foreign French thing or something? One of those real thin things that you have to eat a hundred of to get filled up?
    We had PANCAKES here at our church Tuesday night–good old American-style fat pancakes–with bacon and sausage and lots of butter and Log Cabin on top! How else would you eat ’em?

      1. Log Cabin syrup! No high-fructose corn syrup. Every Friday morning at Trinity= good theological discussion, pancakes (just add water!), though I also add vanilla extract which makes them amazing, eggs and bacon or sausage. And the Log Cabin makes everything amazing. Oh, and coffee!

  2. Definitely lemon juice and sugar sprinkled out of Granny Wynne’s old red glass sugar shaker.
    Hope you also mastered the pancake toss – none of this turning it with a spatula!

  3. I would definitely fill my crepes with blueberries, pineapples, strawberries and bananas and top them with whipped cream, yum…………………

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