A meatlover’s feast

I wanna talk about meat. Let’s hobnob at the water cooler for a bit.

I mean, what’s the deal with meat these days? Is it in or is it out? One minute red meat is the enemy of good cholesterol and heart-happiness, the next minute a meat-free diet is the bane of our healthy existence, and the next minute (or maybe every minute) the abuse of animals at big farming corporations is enough to drive one to veganism.

I just want to know what’s cool nowadays. I want to be part of the “in-crowd” on the issue of acceptable proteins.

To bring it home for a second, truthfully I’ve never been much of a fan of red meat. Pork of all varieties I love, chicken I consider meaty perfection, and I’d even go for duck in a pinch (an upscale pinch).

But there are some dishes which just change everything.

This Brazilian Feijoada is one of them.

Beef, pork shoulder and ham seem to melt in your mouth, along with some fairly meaty black beans to boot. It’s a carnivore’s heaven in one bite. It may not look like much, but please, blame the photographer/camera/lighting. For a real picture click on the recipe linked to above.

Can I give a one-woman standing ovation to Mel for this game-changer? I try recipes from quite a few blogs and am often surprised at how average they turn out to be. But I’m on a roll with this blog – she makes good, rib-sticking food.

As a side note, I did use regular old Irish stew beef instead of ribs (cheapskate…) and might or might not have misread the recipe and put sliced unsmoked ham in there instead of a hock or bacon. No worries. It’s all cool. At least I hope it is.

Sort of depends if what the deal is with meat these days 🙂

3 thoughts on “A meatlover’s feast

  1. I LOVE Brazilian Faijoada! I will make my version of it when we are together! But one day you must have it over rice in Mozambique! Our Brazilian missionaries there make it the best ever!

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