Monday Morning Blues

I spent most of my commute this morning wondering about bicycles and how many miles they general have in them. This may or may not have been prompted by intermittent fingernail-on-chalkboard-like sounds coming from my own bike. Really makes you ponder.

In sum, I left my thankfulness until the tail end of the day, when I cycled home feeling good about:

1. The tidying effect that furniture reorganization can have. Not to mention the effect that actual tidying can have.

2. Having a kind violinist for a mother, and a thoughtful chocoholic for a father. I know you’ve always wondered, but yes it’s true, thoughtful chocoholics really do exist!

3. The sun on Sunday

4. Prayer, preferably with others

5. A spontaneous trip to Paris coming up in two weeks

6. An excited count-down until the Rev and Lactation Guru join us in two and a half weeks

7. These peanut butter cookies. Literally the most satisfying chocolate chip-type cookie I’ve ever tasted

8. More Settlers, Ticket to Ride and card game fun over the weekend. I wonder if I’ll ever win a game one of these days

9. This YouTube video. It may seem like a silly thing to be thankful for, but having something which can counted on to crack you up time and again is a rare gift. Mom and Dad, this is what we were talking about yesterday and forgot to show you. Like it?

10. The arrival of three life-size posters of Wayne Rooney I ordered a few weeks ago. What a stud. Can’t wait to plaster them on my bedroom ceiling.*

*Just kidding. The posters did arrive, but they are not for me, or the Philosopher. I’m serious.




8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

  1. i am so thankful for your baking posts. I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate, and in the form of peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, i know what my treat this week is going to be. 😀

    I also made the chocolate cola cake and the chocolate sour cream bundt cake (though in the form of cupcakes for Trinity’s men’s cupcake challenge).

    all were delicious. thank you!

    1. Yes, Andrew, but let me tell you, those baked goodies taste even better when one’s wife makes them FOR one. I’d say it’s high time your wife blessed you in that fashion.

      1. I’m not sure something I attempted to bake would turn out good enough to be called a blessing. But Andrew making me a homemade chocolate cake for my 8th rebirthday…well, what a blessing indeed! Remember, it is more blessed to give than to receive, so why would I want to deny my husband the greater blessing?

      2. oh man, i definitely love making Rachel delicious things- indeed a great blessing. BUT I would be utterly delighted if she made me something like the aforementioned amazing, make my mouth water at the thought of them, cookies.

    2. Although, Andrew, I have to tell you the conversation that ensued after the Philosopher read out your comment to me:
      me: wow, Andrew puts other guys to shame, doesn’t he!?
      him: (chuckling with a tinge of jealousy) in so many ways.

  2. After a long day of teaching the staff at a government hospital and a long hot commute home on the ferry and free shuttle then walk a mile – what a blessing to read your cheerful praises of routine life! You are such a blessing, Sarah! Can’t wait to see you and the Philosopher!

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