From a Bakestress we know…

Please welcome back, for a special guest appearance…

The Bakestress!! (and the crowd goes bananas)

As the rest of my family hunts down cream teas in the UK, I am holding down our US base for the week. This Valentines Day I had quite a face-off with an avocado I had been left to tackle by myself, rapidly browning before I could enjoy the entirety of its goodness. Now I’m not one to go down without a fight, so I mashed what was left of that avocado and worked on transforming it into one of my favorite things…that’s right folks, muffins!! And anything made on Valentines Day is incomplete without chocolate, so my friends, I present to you…Chocolate Avocado muffins. Yeah, I would be scared too.

I adapted from this recipe:

And when I say adapted, I mean I replaced the maple syrup, the coconut oil, the flour and the soymilk and added my own conglomeration of sweeteners and oats – just for good measure really – because let’s face it, everything is better with oats. So essentially, it’s an entirely new recipe.

Here’s some of the host of characters…

(Wow, I’m embarrassed by the state of our vanilla.)

You’d never know this batter contained greenery, huh??

Unless you get too close…

Anyway, I popped them in the over and after much panting around the kitchen awaiting their arrival… check out how gorgeous they turned out?! Perfectly fluffy, oozing chocolate and no traces of green in sight!

And here, my friends, comes the moment of truth! Cause sure muffin, you can look good and all, but do you taste like chocolate guacamole? Cause that’s…well…definitely not what we’re going for!

Enough suspense. In short, here are a few morals of the story:

1. I knew I was meant to be in the CIA. Give me anything and I can disguise it away like it never even existed.

2. Muffins, avocado and chocolate truly are some of the most delicious things on the planet and it’s a relief to hear they can all go together.

3. I have to live up to my name as the Bakestress, right? Boring old chocolate muffins aren’t made by people with official titles on official blogs! And I’m very pleased to say my first published experiment was a resounding success!

My victory pose.


3 thoughts on “From a Bakestress we know…

  1. I want the recipe! Or maybe we can make it next month when we (lactation guru and the Right Reverend Dr. both visit the modern working girl and the philosopher!

    and I especially like your victory pose!

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