My Funny Valentine

I was in a bit of pickle last night, sitting down to write this post.In my gut, I felt that I should absolutely not subject innocent readers to yet another sappy sell-out story of “how I met the love of my life” suitable for Valentine’s Day.

And yet, equally, I could not just blog my way past the day without mentioning the merest ode to my sweetheart.

Doing either seemed wrong. Doing neither impossible. So I decided to do both.

Here is an only slightly sickly sweet, but nonetheless heartfelt, mere ode to my roommate, the Philosopher.

To the tune of “My Funny Valentine”

My funny Valentine
Sweet, brainy Valentine
You make sleeping late a fine art
Your looks are pasty white
Just like mine, day and night
I’d pick you off the a la carte
Is your hair a little thin?
Do you always have to win?
Yet your freely given grin’s
off the chart!
Oh, don’t ever change, my sweet
My heart would lose it’s beat
Stay, little Valentine, stay!
Each day is Valentine’s Day.

[For the real version, listen here]

3 thoughts on “My Funny Valentine

  1. How romantical! I like your version better than Chet Baker’s. My Valentine’s on the other side of the world–how sad….

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