Monday Morning Blues

After a wonderful weekend spent with the Chocoholic and Violinist, it was not easy to roll out of bed this morning. In fact, I did that terrible thing where instead of moving your alarm time forward 30 minutes, you move the actual time forward 30 minutes, and then later break out in a cold sweat after looking at your clock thinking it’s 8:05 and not 7:35 and you run into the shower with your clothes on and run back into the bedroom tearing apart your wardrobe in pursuit of thinner socks while making squeaking sounds of dismay until your Philosopher groans “daaaarling what are you dooooing? It’s only seven thiiiirty!”

I need a new alarm clock.

Or maybe a new brain.

This morning on my way to work, I was thankful for:

1. An absence of ice, snow, slush, mush or rainwater for me to cycle through…unlike last Monday2. Finding granola with the Violinist’s name on it

3. Finding a car with the Chocoholic’s name on it

4. The slice of chocolate cake bouncing in my lunch bag

5. Temperatures above 0 degrees (C!)

6. The light in our bathroom miraculously repairing itself overnight (have I told you about our bathroom light bulb story? Remind me later.)

7. Another modern miracle: gas heating

8. The steady flow of adorable photos and movies of our Texas nephew being sent to us this past week

9. A gift sent to me from a modernworkingreader in the US – homemade, with her own excellent photos!

10. Settlers. I’m gonna put myself out there and say that it’s the best game ever written. (written?)


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