Friday Faff: Skinny soup

I can’t decide if I love or hate that the word “skinny” is everywhere. Skinny jeans, skinny latte, you get the picture. Last night the waiter asked if I wanted skinny fries or onion fries with my chicken. I didn’t know that genetically modified low-fat potato existed, and was delighted by the idea, so I exclaimed over the din of the restaurant music “oh YES skinny fries please!!”

He looked surprised and took an uncomfortable step back from the table, “do you mean our skin-on fries?”

OK, so maybe I’m just hearing it everywhere.

Tonight we had some skinny soup.

Cast of characters mostly assembled from our Tuesday veg box…To summarize, chopped carrots, celeriac, onion, garlic plus cumin and salt bubbled in some stock for 30 minutes.

I happily read some other great blog posts and forgot to take pictures.

But let’s face it, you know what a chopped carrot looks like badly photographed anyway.

And voila! Instant skinny soup! Only good calories here! So good you can have some skin-on fries on the side.

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