Monday Morning Blues

On a slushy Monday morning, I pulled on mah boots and walked to work.

Along the way I was thankful for:

1) God turning on the lights round here a little earlier every morning, early enough to get out of bed at seven no longer convinced it’s midnight.

2) There being only one other gal in the pool with me this morning. This allowed me to practice my backstroke, which runs in a roughly zigzag pattern and is dangerous to other swimmers.

3) The discovery of my mom-in-law’s blog!

4) Feta cheese.

5) A husband who does the dirty work round here (i.e. calls the Virgin Media people in Delhi every time our internet breaks. Tonight he spoke to a lady called Sultana. I wonder if her nickname round the office is Raisin?)

6) Super-power heating that I just found out we have overpaid for! When does that ever happen?!

7) A husband (same one) who eats all up all my baking failures. Wouldn’t want them hanging around in plain view.

8) Neighbors who don’t mind me presenting said baking failures as some kind of twisted gift. “Here, have a cookie! It’s disgusting! Let’s be friends!”

9) The four day countdown until my parents come into town, and cream tea crawling ensues.

10) Rummikub!! That oft-neglected game that works so well with two players only.

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