A weeKEND away

Though my parents are British, their accents have been softened by the relentless tides of Bostonian voices over the years. Nonetheless, I grew up familiar with the lovely way English people pronounce things.

Now that I live in the UK, every once in a while a word surprises me as particularly odd, and I think it must be because my parents lost that uniquely British pronunciation early on in their US years.

Let me be less vague.

“Weekend”. Most of us Amurricans, and I venture even many Brits, would articulate that as WEEK-end, emphasis on on the first syllable. But quite a few people here, perhaps the posh particularly, say the word as: “whee-KEND”. The “w” sound is slightly aspirated, and these certain British speakers seem awfully anxious to reach the last syllable, always declaring it with gusto.

[I have been trying for 20 minutes to find an English person saying “weekend” on Youtube. Surprisingly difficult to search for.]

Smooth segue: the Philosopher and I stole away for a weeKEND away. We had found a great deal at a nice hotel chain usually used for business conferences.

It was one of the strangest hotels I have ever seen. Presumably built in the 1970s, it was laid out motel/dorm room style, with little pods of bedrooms built around staircases that were outside. To get to the restaurant, gym or (importantly!) free coffee bar, you had to walk a long outdoors hallway. In the freezing cold.

Perhaps the architect was from California.

Our room, peculiarly, had 4 large windows in it, giving the effect that the walls were nearly entirely made of glass.

Though I did appreciate the headboard, with some envy, thinking of our headboardless bed at home.

We drove into town to catch a showing of Mission Impossible 4. The cinema was also, surprisingly, in a massive outdoor mall. Maybe the whole town was designed by the aforementioned deluded Californian.

After sharing a delicious pizza (Italian sausage, fennel, marscapone) and salad (chicken, pancetta, baby onions, balsamic), we returned to the hotel where a few cheeky bars of chocolate awaited (Galaxy Caramel and Cadbury’s Aero, if you must know, Dad).

In the morning, we awoke to a winter wonderland.

As we trudged to the car, I noticed this sign. Yes, there was a hedge maze between the car park and entrance.

Niether cars nor people, it seems, are built for snow in this country, so the journey home took a bit longer than expected, and included just a liiiittle bit of driving the wrong way down a one-way street by accident.

But, all’s well that end’s well! We are home, safe, and eating apples borrowed from the hotel coffee bar.


2 thoughts on “A weeKEND away

  1. I love that you are now posting on weeKENDS because even on a snowy day in the UK, you still bring sunshine into our daily lives. ……nope, can’t do it, it’s still WEEKends to this Bostonian.

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