Friday Faff

This entire Friday Faff was built around one thing.

Naan bread.

I needed inspiration. I needed to use up this frozen naan bread. I needed a full body massage.

The latter turned out not to be relevant.

I pulled out of the pantry a raft of “Indian-food-friendly” ingredients.

Can you believe the size of this parsnip!

Can you believe the shape of these parsnips?

Anyway, I chopped up some aubergine to grill in the oven.

And some mixed veg to enhance this mysteriously nameless Indianesque creation.

Only a few vegetable butts were left over after my knife and I had finished with them.

I needed to spice this baby up.

At the end I finally realized what I had made. Indian beans-on-toast!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Faff

  1. I feel like this blog post does not adequately capture how delicious the Indian beans-on-toast was. (And btw, for the American readers, beans-on-toast is a British classic, and aubergine=eggplant.)

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