Monday Morning Blues

The air was frigid this morning as I cycled to work. It was both hard to breathe and hard to be thankful.

But I persevered.

1. With the Philosopher working this weekend, I tackled my list of corner chores (a modern-working-term employed to describe that list of chores which are so despicable that one metaphorically shoves them into a corner until they no longer can be ignored) with mild to moderate success!

2. We caught a bit of the Australian Open final before church, and when we returned home, there were still 2.5 hours left to watch!


3. At said church service, we heard a truly great preach.

4. It’s now a little bit light outside on the days I leave work at 5.

5. Yes, yes, yet another delicious chocolate cake has been discovered this weekend – thanks to Home is Where the Cookies Are. It is now competing against the P’s birthday cake and an aforementioned Coca-Cola Cake for the Best Chocolate Cake Domination prize. It is also currently expanding our waistlines.

6. January is almost over. Spring is one step nearer.

7. My aversion to brussel sprouts seems to have ended. The Philosopher and I overdosed in Fall of 2009 after moving to England, because brussels were the cheapest green veg around. We couldn’t bear the sight of them for two long years. But now a half-eaten bag sits happily in our fridge and, it seems, we are friends again.

8. I am thankful for mint chocolate ice cream, and will continue to be until the fat lady sings. Or is it until she stops singing? I forget.

9. Oxford is beautiful even when the sun doesn’t shine. This is a very good thing for Oxford to be able to pull off, considering the extreme ratio of overcast to sunny days.

10. We’re two months in, and this modern-working-blog is still going. I am surprised, embarrassed, pleased and, most definitely, thankful.

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues

    1. let me give you some advice. go cold turkey on the sprouts. for two years, don’t touch, taste or even look at anything resembling a brussel.

      then try them again, slowly reintroducing over a period of six months. it worked for me. cheaper than therapy, too.

  1. Hi! It’s Ali from LHS and I really enjoy reading your blog. I am also a 9-5er (well, 8 to 4) and it inspires me how much you accomplish in your home hours, and how much theoretically I could do in mine. I also fondly think of our creative endeavors in high school.

    Also, I LOVE brussies!

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