Not your average Dairy Queen.

Thursday afternoons are becoming a bit of a tradition in this modern working girl’s household. Last Thursday I stole the Philosopher away from his phenomenology and towards a mug of chocolate. Now, he does love chocolate, but there’s one thing he loves even more. 

Guesses? (Metaphysics, going-to-the-movies and me would all be valid answers, but not what I’m fishing for here.)

Why, a milkshake of course! Given the choice between ice cream and a milkshake, he’d pick the latter any day. I’ve never understood his rationale actually. Isn’t a milkshake just a diluted, weaker cousin of the real deal?

Moo Moos is an Oxford treasure, located in the Covered Market. People can even tell from the plastic cup that it’s something special; while we walked around with our ‘shake in town after purchasing, we even got stopped by a guy who already had a nice looking drink, “oy, where’s that from, mate?”.

See the size of that menu? This is the first secret to Moo Moos success – customization. There are probably 100 add-is to choose from, ranging from the usual chocolate bar variety to the truly experimental:

nIn a milkshake?

Well, let the people decide, I guess.

We went for Mars bar and milk chocolate covered digestive biscuits (sort of like a graham cracker) on a whim.

And there was a little surprise at the bottom – a quarter of an unblended Mars bar!

Best whim I’ve ever tasted.

8 thoughts on “Not your average Dairy Queen.

  1. I agree with you – milk shakes are diluted versions of dishes of icecream! but the Philosopher gets his preference honestly – his pop has the identical preference!
    Love to you both,

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